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You enjoy our Douglas County Open Space properties…but who were the people who lived here before us and how did they live in the land around us?  Were they traveling, living here seasonally, gathering, or planting food, settling, feuding, leading, or making memorable changes on the land…or light footsteps as they passed through?  Become a history volunteer to research their past and explore remaining documents, stories, photos, and structures that might bring to light their colored pasts.  Gather your findings of the past and bring them to light by sharing. 

History Volunteer Project Possibilities 

  • Create an intriguing biography of a local resident who was connected to a Douglas County Open Space property and reflect on a particular time and life experiences of that person.   
  • Research and gather information about our Open Space properties that can be used for group presentations, special events, field trips, history tours, interpretive signs and brochures, and website articles.  
  • Work with other history groups, such as Larkspur Historical Society and Douglas County Historical Society to acquire information or provide outreach to the public.     


  • History projects are dependent on the needs of Douglas County Open Space  
  • Guidance from Douglas County Open Space Staff to initially create the project is required, but suggestions from volunteers are strongly encouraged. 
  • Material to be presented to the public will be reviewed and approved by Open Space staff and possibly other professional historians for content accuracy.   


  • Onsite training at various sites may be held for History Volunteers. 
  • A variety of Volunteer Naturalists, local history resource specialists, and Douglas County Open Space staff members can contribute a wealth of information and assistance for History Volunteers. 
  • Get to know the Open Space properties and natural resources, helpful contacts, Douglas County history maps, history of local settlers, Indigenous people of the area and their many connections of the land, and how to maintain or improve our historic resources. 
Volunteer Benefits:


  • Opportunity to meet and work with people with similar interests. 

  • Opportunity to enjoy Douglas County’s colorful history.     

  • Visit field sites and other presentations to increase your interest in local history. 

  • Acquire feelings of accomplishment and taking part in community service. 

Educational - Research, Communications - Communication Arts, Educational - Arts & Culture, Educational - Cultural History, Communications - Presentations and Interpretation
Local Historic and Natural History, Environmental Ed/Interpretation, Public Speaking/Presentations, Public Contact /Hosting

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