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Douglas County Astronomy Volunteers, working in partnership with the Denver Astronomical Society, promote the enjoyment and understanding of astronomical phenomena, history, and lore by providing educational and observing opportunities for visiting guests.   

 Astronomy Volunteer Responsibilities  

  • To instill a sense of enthusiasm, wonderment, and understanding of astronomical phenomena in the night sky. 
  • Help others understand the issues that diminish the ability to view the night sky. Instill the sense of stewardship and conservation values to help protect the sensitive night sky as an important natural resource. Share the connections of elements in the universe that help with varying tides, life cycles, migration ability for birds, navigation, and other phenomena.   
  • Assist in gathering resources that can be used for interpretive and educational programs and displays and provide assistance for viewing the night sky.   
  • Must be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Desire and the ability to work in the outdoors are required for field astronomers.  
  • Complete First Aid and CPR Certification and a background check with Douglas County.  


  • Indoor and outdoor training at various sites may be followed by astronomy mentors.  
  • A variety of naturalist interpreters and astronomical scientists and volunteers and Douglas County Open Space staff members will contribute a wealth of interesting knowledge and connections to the sky and the Douglas County Open Space and NR program.  
  • Get to know the Open Space resources, helpful contacts, dark sky properties, and function of the Denver Astronomical Society as a partner.         
Volunteer Benefits:
  • Opportunity to meet and work with people with similar interests. 
  • Opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and share natural findings with others. 
  • Receive training to understand the needs of the night sky and management practices that will help others enjoy the night sky within Douglas County and other parts of the world.     
  • Opportunities to participate in continued learning. 
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