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Get Involved: Open Space & Natural Resources - Bluebird Box Monitor

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Bluebird Box Monitor


Help to bring back bluebird populations by becoming a Volunteer Bluebird Box Monitor.  Large areas of bluebird habitat have been cleared for development, loosing natural nesting cavities in trees.  Substitute nest boxes monitored by volunteers create opportunities for bluebirds to regain nesting spots.  Your contribution as a citizen scientist by sharing gathered field information that is sent to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will help track the population trends.   



  • Interest in wildlife conservation
  • Ability to walk across uneven land in spring and summer
  • Work with team members to maintain and monitor a bluebird nesting box route on a Douglas County Open Space property
  • Check boxes weekly and record stages of nest development, egg laying progress, and incubation data.
  • Clean out nesting boxes and help to repair or replace boxes as needed
  • Ensure all records in the NestWatch database are up to date.



  • Group trainings and materials will be provided, including bluebird box building instructions, NestWatch training, Bird Identification
  • Douglas County ethics training
Time Commitment:

Most work for the monitoring will be seasonal (February - August), preparing boxes, monitoring during nesting season (approx. 3-4 hours a week) and cleaning and repairing boxes, as well as writing and submitting nesting reports. Working with a Douglas County Open Space property team for the BB box route, many of these tasks will be shared.   

Volunteer Benefits:
  • Opportunity to meet and work with people with interests in wildlife conservation
  • Opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and contribute to the environment     
  • Receive training to understand the stages of bluebird nesting and how to contribute to the monitoring process
  • Acquire feelings of accomplishment and taking part in community service. 

Several documents and training materials will be available for Volunteer Bluebird Box Monitors at training sessions.

Ready to get involved?

Apply online to become a volunteer.

Questions? Contact Jackie Sanderson
(303) 663-7652