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Get Involved: Open Space & Natural Resources - Weed Warriors

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Weed Warriors


Do you enjoy watching wildlife and listening to birds while hiking through picturesque landscapes?    If so, by joining the Weed Warriors, you will help to create experiences like this! In addition, we will teach you about noxious weeds and how to remove them.

Time Commitment:

We ask that you commit to a minimum of six shifts throughout the year.  

Volunteer Benefits:
  • Opportunity to meet and work with people with similar interests. 

  • Opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and share natural findings with others.   

  • Receive training to understand the needs of our native plants and animals and management practices that will help their species prosper within local landforms and climate.    

  • Opportunities to participate in continued learning. 

Natural Resources - Botany, Maintenance - Open Space Monitoring, Maintenance - Property Cleanups, Natural Resources - Environment, Maintenance - Gardening
Habitat Restoration, Botany, Gardening/Agriculture

Ready to get involved?

Apply online to become a volunteer.

Questions? Contact Jackie Sanderson
(303) 663-7652